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Summer 2011 :
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Autumn 2011:
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.until "Losing Neverland 03" (10.10.10)

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Auf los, gehts los. Ab ins Jahr 2011!
Ich freue mich schon auf die Events der nächsten Monate!

TO ALL THE ENGLISH HERE: The english site is back! Bollocks with german! I will work mostly outside germany in the near future! I did a world-signing-tour and stuff, work hard in other countries! Forget german, the english site will be back,as soon as I can translate it! --- BUT, my english SUCKS! Can ya deal with it?!

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NewsAugust 2011 - EAT CAKE-Lolita-Picnic in Kiel!
Sarah and I hosted our first Lolita-Meetup in Kiel.
We did it! We managed to host our first Lolita Picnic in my hometown Kiel. Sarah and I had the idea years ago and this summer we finaly just did it. It was great, the girls, the dresses, the cake, the weather. Nothing could be more perfect then this golden afternoon. See you all next time!

NewsJune 2011 - Comicfestival München!
Indians, Babes, Artists and Beer!
Wow! I never went to Munich alone, but well, there is allways a first time! The Festival just amazed me. All the artists and publishers. I meet the Knorrs again, Gerhard, Ingo, Timo, many many more and the Definium Gang - they even allowed me to sign at their booth. I met Samar again and we had a great time doing workshops and tell people about Childporn in Comic and Manga. PLUS I was invited to the VIP-Tour around town together with the other special guests of the Comicfestival. We had a amazing day at the Beer Factory. Even if I had to giggle all the time cuz I watched X-Men: First Class the week before and there was a scene when Erik hunts some Nazis and talks about Bit Burger Beer and stuff. It was so much fun!

News March 2011 - Leipziger Buchmesse
The Leipzig Bookfair was fun as usual!
No new Manga -I AM SORRY - but the Bookfair was fun, fun, fun anyway. Lots of pictures found their way into the Conbooks of nice people and I learned a little about Yu-Gi-Oh and met some amazing Cosplayers, dressed up as Laurie from LOSING NEVERLAND! That was just WOW! I am still in Awe!

Plus I had the chance to meet some very close, old friends again.

News October 2010 - Frankfurter Buchmesse

•Pouka & Spooks was a hit at last years Bookfair in Frankfurt!
Frankfurt - what can I say? Every year so many new faces, old friends, great moments. I won't miss it for all the Oreo-Cookies in the world. It was six days hard labor but it was worth the sleepless nights and all the pain. Pouka & Spooks had its late premiere and I had the chance to meet the readers and draw and sign. It was magic. They really welcomed the book. Your rock, Guys!!!!

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