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Summer 2010 :
London Expo->

Comicsalon Erlangen->
Japan Expo Paris ->

Autumn 2010:
Frankfurter Buchmesse->

London Expo->

More coming soon!


.until "Losing Neverland 03" (10.10.10)

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Auf los, gehts los. Ab ins Jahr 2010!
Ich freue mich schon auf die Events der nächsten Monate!

TO ALL THE ENGLISH HERE: The english site is back! Bollocks with german! I will work mostly outside germany in the near future! I did a world-signing-tour and stuff, work hard in other countries! Forget german, the english site will be back,as soon as I can translate it! --- BUT, my english SUCKS! Can ya deal with it?!

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NewsMarch 2010 - New Book in May!
It was a secret, now I can tell: I did a brandnew picturebook!
The new book is called "Das kleine TODES-ABC der Liebe". With the new Characters Pouka & Spooks. They have many crazy adventures while I explain the things you should never do when you are in love with someone. Its gothic, its manga, its cute, its strange - its Pouka & Spooks and the ABC of death!!!

NewsJanuary 2010 - Happy News Year!
My Birthday - I don't wanna grow up, I wanna stay a boy forever and have fun!
Yeah, yeah, its Birthday-Time again. My fear grows to the maximum! Getting older is serious. I wanna stay visual, manga-nerd, rollplayer, princess, whatever FOREVER! I don't plan on getting to adult! NO WAY. getting older yes, getting old inside NO!

News Dezember 2009
Christmas and how you can stay fit while eating a giant mountain of food!
This time I did everything right and lost even some pounds after the holiday. Coool! I don't know HOW and WHEN but I just didn't get carried away and managed to eat after Christmas like a little birdy and everything was fine! Good Girl, Fahr!

And the BEVIT 18 in Berlin was fun too! I was so happy to see my friends again. After Bevit we went to Ingos VISUAL CHURCH - My first time!

News November 2009

• Frankfurt Bookfair!
OMG!!! The FBM rocked sooo much! I had no idea, I'm telling ya! My Editor forced me to come all days, but I wanted only to come for the weekend. In the end I staid like SIX DAYS! And it was worth every minute of it. Not only cuz I've met people I otherwise never would have had the time to meet. The first 4 days are only for publishers and press, so I had much time to make new friends and talk about my work. It was so amazing! I even had a personal meeting with Benjamin!!!!(Thank you so much, Patrick!) When the normals Mangafans came on Saturday and Sunday, I was a little sad. It was so nice with all the space and no one around. But I love signings and so I was happy with all days!

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