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April & Mai 2009 :
Jurywork for Comicstars ->

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Juni-Juli 2009:
"Made in Japan"-Wien ->

Japan Expo Paris ->

August 2008:
Animagic ->

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September 2009:
Connichi Kassel ->

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November 2009:
Frankfurter Buchmesse->

Dezember 2009:
Xmas in Portugal! Yesh!


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Auf los, gehts los. Ab ins Jahr 2009!
Ich freue mich schon auf die Events der nächsten Monate!

TO ALL THE ENGLISH HERE: The english site is back! Bollocks with german! I will work mostly outside germany in the near future! I did a world-signing-tour and stuff, work hard in other countries! Forget german, the english site will be back,as soon as I can translate it! --- BUT, my english SUCKS! Can ya deal with it?!

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March 2009

• Leipzig Bookfair 2009 - Skeffingtons Premiere!
The Leipziger Buchmesse is over! Oh my! My first Childrens Book was Published on Friday. I guess I've never drew sooo many Zombies for the readers before. The Signing-Area was this time very shitty. And many mistakes happend all the time. Like Chris Riddle was listed as an Artist of the Schwarzer Turm Publisher and they had no chairs and the Fans had no real space to stand in line for the artists. So when a famous Mangaka had its Signing-Place in the middle of the Area the fans had often not the chance to stand there cuz others lines blocked the way. Arrrghs. But on the other hand, many good things happend. I met Lisa by chance and we are friends again!;_; I met Chris Riddle, and saw Tama-San and Chie-San again! Had fun with the Wolfs and Lions and at least met Robert for some minutes again! ^^;Rock on, Dude! My Book was pretty fast out of sale on the Bookfair, and many had to wait till the Publisher came back with more. So I can be happy, and I guess it was good this time!... Okay I also had a little fight with a little somebody, but as I always say: up on the hill the air is thin!^^ NOW GO AND READ MY BLOG FOR NEWS!

cinema bizarre manga t-hsirts fahr sindram
• Juni 2008 - CINEMA BIZARRE!
Yeah, I finaly managed to finish the CINEMA BIZARRE T-Shirts! I really had a hard time the first half of the year. So many bad things happend. But now the SHIRTS ARE READY! Do you want one!? Just go and check them at DEUTSCHROCK.DE!

Febuary 2009

• Skeffington is done!
Its done! Its done!I've made it. I finaly finished my first Childrens Book. Skeffington was really a fight. I really was afraid that I would blow the Deadline, but this time I just knew that I really HAD TO FINISH IT, for the Bookfair. Otherwise I would have been in big trouble. Skeffington is now ready to order!

NewsJanuary 2009 - Happy News Year!

• My Birthday -and The Rasmus!
My Birthday was nice. I also had a cool Cake, and my friends and Family visited me. Okay not all my best Friends, but some very old ones, from my Childhood. At the 28th January was THE RASMUS-Concert and I had tickets as a Gift from Pe-Chan. So we both walked to the Columbia-Club. In fact I had no real Birthday-Party cuz I wanted to go to see The Rasmus, so on my Bday I only had my Mom to hug me, and my Bday-Party was some days after the Concert. anyways, the Band really rocked!

AND I am working now as a Jury-Member for the Comicstars.de-Contest! Check it out!

News Dezember 2008

• Christmas and how you can gain weight without doing much for it!
This Christmas was really crazy! Many things happend. Good and Bad. Bad: I've got lots of extraweight now!^_^; Good: Christmas was nice, the Family was nice, the Gifts were supernice! A Banjo, new Shoes, A Playstation (nooo not PS3 but a P2;_;!). And many many nice Cakes and Tarts and Cookies. Then we all sang Christmas-Songs and watched "Candy", with Heath Ledger!

News November 2008

• What happend?!?
Really nothing happend in November, besides that I joined a Tae Kwon Do-Dojo. The Sensei there is really nice and so cool! I think I really like this sport. I also found out that I enjoy to beat up other people. Kidding. I like the kicks and all this. I think I gonna try to be much better in Summer to get my first Kup! Oh and I signed at the YOU-Con!But that sucked!

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