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April & Mai 2008 :
Neo Tokyo signing ->

Comic Salon Erlangen ->

Juli 2008:
Made in Japan - Wiener Neustadt ->

Japan Expo Paris ->

August 2008:
Manga Matsuri Berlin ->

Comic Combo Leipzig + Fritz Radio Berlin ->

September 2008:
Connichi Kassel ->

November 2008:
YOU Convention in Berlin

Dezember 2008:
Working on Skeffington, its almost finished!


.until "Lord Skeffington Scatters - !!!" (18.03.2009)

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FAHR SINDRAMS Portfolio - Archive

The News-Archive for 2008.

newsArchive/neuesOld News of 2008

Oktober 2008
All is new! The Layout (Thank you, Tom!) and everything! I hope you don't miss something, cuz I really left out many grafics! I can't stand tooo muuuuch of loading grafics!
Look around and check the latest updates and signing-news! and pretty new: all my works are now up to date!

August-September 2008

• September - Connichi Kassel!
The Connichi is always a special trip, and I really love to sign there, but this year was sooo horrorshow somehow! Many publishers don't came and many of my mangka-friends and normal friends also staid at home. arghs. But at least I had my friends Alex and Diana and Julia also signing there. What luck! And this year was also very stressy cuz so many people came. I signed for hours-_-!

• August - Manga Matsuri Berlin & Radio Fritz & Comic Combo Leipzig!
I was on the air! Yeah Radio Fritz invited me to talk about SEX in Manga!O_O Yeah, true! And same day I had to go to Leipzig to sign together with Julia Schlax at the ComicCombo - I was so beside me after that. I guess I never felt so tired! Just one day later I signed again in Berlin at the Manga Matsuri Convention! aaaaargh!

News Juni-Juli 2008

• Juli - Made in Japan Österreich & Japan Expo Paris!
Aww! I had the honor to be guest at two of the coolest events of the year! First I was in Austria at the "Made in Japan" - a very nice convention. I didn't want to leave them all behind, but I had cuz just a few days after my trip to Wiener Neustadt I had to sign in Paariiiiissss! The "Japan Expo" is my fav con ever! And plus its in the coolest city on the planet! I met so many nice friends again! I had the chance to hug my beloved Barbara, eat with Gul and his friends and talked to Aurore a little! And met Takeshi Obata and had the chance to meet him privat for a chat (thank you Laurent!)! I can't name every special person I met again, but I love you all so much!;_; Till next year!

cinema bizarre manga t-hsirts fahr sindram
Yeah, I finaly managed to finish the CINEMA BIZARRE T-Shirts! I really had a hard time the first half of the year. So many bad things happend. But now the SHIRTS ARE READY! Do you want one!? Just go and check them at DEUTSCHROCK.DE!

News April-Mai 2008

• Mai - Comicsalon Erlangen!
Erlangen is the one and only thing for me! Even if I like other Salons or Cons or Bookfairs: Erlangen has the most Artist AND Losing Neverland had its Premiere 2006 at this event, so its very special for me! It was fun to meet with my friends! ;_;And I met Peter again, and Zoran!

• April - Neo Tokyo Berlin Signierstunde!
Neo is love! And cuz I really can't wait to hang around there as often as possible, it was just a matter of time till I would sign there again! Many fans came, and also Mina who is the muse for my dearest Shinya in LN - Dieter and Werner also play a part in it!^_-

News März 2008

• März - Leipziger Buchmesse!
-_-Go away,CIL! I don't want to go! But in the end I liked to sign for the readers,and at least I had the chance to meet You Higuri and talk to her a little! (Thanx Bea and Kai-Steffen!) Also I met Bodenski from Subway to Sally by chance, and allmost jumped on him!^___^ argh.... typical me!

• März - Hugo Heimann Bibliothek!
A Libary invited me and I had a nice day with a bunch of Kids and showed them how to draw mangas. We came up with a crazy story about a Soccer-Boy named Jimi and his enemy Psychokiller!^_^

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