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Please take your time to read the FAQ and the CHARAFILE - and if your have a Homepage,please link to us,we would love you for that!!!^__^

"Flur" is a manga about hope,faith,destiny and the will to just go on, and face what ever may come!
Cleo is the main chara - no one know her,and no one know why shes on the way to the last door to HELL!

I don't claim to do a great Story/Artwork/sense in this work - its just about one girl on her weird way to death,maybe allready dead,or maybe an Angel? I don't know myself, no one know until she will tell us the truth!
My first idea of the story came when i looked at Darachan's version of Nikos "Charlotte", please check the links to Nikos and Dara's works!!

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