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...Are you...


...I will make you so so sick....






NAME - FahrLight/Gigi/Marina/or just Fahr,sometimes fahr-kun^__^haha
BIRTHDAY - 1981 janu 28 (makes me 22)
LOCATION - Berlin City
++STATUS - taken^_- guess who!
PHYSICAL APPEARANCE - I'm 5'6 tall,yeah thats big for a girly girl^^
nearly skinny,blue eyes brown haired Jedi-Buddah-believer,thats pretty much me!
feel fine, make some Yoga,do some surfing,and just enjoy my hobbies - job in Animation, and work on my commercial and fun manga. more then all things i'd love to watch movies about Knights or Pirates! my plans for the future - do the Scripts for a MAJOR HOLLYWOOD MOVIE!YEAH!

LIKES - Ewan McGregor(cuz he speaks scott's^^),Reading books,vacation,itallian food,surfing,skating,kong-foo,yoga,japan,artbooks(lots),Knights,Pirates,swords(my own),sleep!^_^milkcoffee!
DISLIKES - War(DAMN YOU BUSH! MICHAEL MOORE RULEZ!),drugs,nazis,porn,rainy days,fish,things that smell,when pp think i am too loud & hyper!!
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