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March 2010 :
Leipziger Buchmesse->

Summer 2010:
Animagic ->

Japan Expo Paris ->
Comicsalon Erlangen->

More coming soon!



.until "Losing Neverland 03" (10.10.10)

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Site Questions

Art Questions

 • Who created/runs Timing Garden?
. I don't do the webdesign, cuz I am too stupid, but its all MINE!

 • May I use your site design/layout on my homepage?
Well, no and yes. You can ask me...at least I can say no then.

 • Will you link my site?

No. SOrry.

 • Can I use your art on my site?

YES! But please ASK ME FIRST!

 • May I use your site graphics?


 • May I color your sketch(es)?

Yes, but again ASK first!

 • Can you draw for me for free?
No. But I do Commissions, check that at the menu!

 • Do you accept gift art?

I WOULD LOVE TO GET FANART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 • Where did you learn to draw?

Nowhere, I had much freetime to draw when I was younger. I never did something else.

 • How did you draw/color ____?
With Photoshop 7, Painter 7, Open Canvas 0.04, Copic Markern, Wasserfarbe, Liquid Ink, Kaffeesatz, Kreide, Blut. Screentones are made with Comicworks and Potoshop 7!

 • Are you a boy or a girl?

 • So you are gay?

Oh, welll....noo?Yes!?...uh.....

 • You look like a Model!

Stopp sending me this mails!...No I am not too selfasure, but sometimes girls send me mails about how much I look like this or that rocksinger they like... hell I allready looked like everyone.

 • I was kidding,you are darn ugly!


 • Are you taken? Do you have a boy- /girlfriend?
O__________OCan't ya read my profil?!?!?!?

 • What do you do besides drawing and writing?
Sleeping and eating and karaoke!


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